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Freedom within this text needs to be look at in relation to actual freedom rather than perceived:

  • The students have the freedom to walk around Hailsham but the places that cannot be clearly viewed from the building are out of bounds. Movement into the forest is prevented by horror stories.
  • Sex is allowed and the students are free to have sex when the wish however they have no place to have sex. When two students are caught having sex in a room it is ignored and they are made feel they should not do it. They perceive that they are free to have sex but they actually have nowhere to have sex.
  • While the perception of sexual freedom is there the inability to be able to have children takes away that sexual freedom. Sex is designed for reproduction and the clones have had this removed. This is not sexual freedom.
  • Freedom of expression is something that is also perceived to be encouraged. Students are allowed to be creative but like Tommy they are ridiculed for not being creative or for not being good. Freedom of expression is to be able to express yourself freely not to express yourself in order to please others or because you are told to.
  • While in the cottages there is also the idea of freedom. The students are left to their own devices in the cottages. However they are not allowed to be gone from the cottages for long and must state where they will be.
  • There is no freedom of choice. Clones cannot get a career, have children, smoke, drink alcohol or choose not to donate.
  • Kathy and Tommy are not free to ask for extra time so that they can be together. The idea that they have to ask shows that they are not free and in some way gives across the idea of slavery.
  • The donations also show that the clones have no real freedom as their own bodies do not belong to themselves.

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