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Kathy & Tommy

Kathy and Tommy

  • Throughout the text we get the idea that there is some element of love between Tommy and Kathy.


  • During their youth they never express these feelings.


  • When they do become a couple we see that they do have sex and they do talk. However there is no real emotional connection expressed.


  • When Kathy finally leaves Tommy we see Tommy raise his hands as if he has scored a goal. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the significance of the situation.


Their upbringing means that they have no real concept of love and that is reflected in their relationship.


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  1. wait how is their relation not emotionally connected?

    • enrightsnotes

      Through the lack of social development sex has become something detached from emotions. Tommy raising his hands when Kathy leaves shows his emotional restriction. The end of their time together after all they have been through should be one wrapped in emotions. Kathy clearly likes him but he is oblivious. His reaction to her leaving shows his emotional detachment.


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