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  • Kathy’s main hopes are for a future that she cannot have.


  • As a child in Hailsham she daydreams of having a child (pillow incident)


  • When she is with Tommy later in life they hope of attaining a deferral. This hope is dashed when they realise they do not exist.


  • Kathy’s hope for real love is also dashed when we see that her relationship with Tommy is emotionally disconnected.

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  1. What does Kathy’s desire for a child, and her motherliness signify/symbolize?

    • I believe that it symbolizes the oppressed. She represents the desires of those that have lost free will. The fact she wants something that should be her natural choice but was denied to her by people that see themselves her betters echoes many governmental institutions. Her life has been decided for her and her wishes are irrelevant and therefore she is oppressed, marginalized, etc.


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