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Part Two Summary Chapters 10-17

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro – Part Two

Chapter Ten

Pg 113   Kathy is driving and thinks about the easy she was supposed to do while in the cottages. These essays were supposed to absorb the students for about two years. This looks at the idea of introducing meaningless tasks to keep the reality of their situation off their mind. Kathy shows that the essays helped initially helped the students keep a hold on Hailsham when they left.

Pg 114   Kathy thinks about going back to her essay when she is no longer a carer and has more time. Kathy tells us that eight students went to the cottages from Hailsham and the others went to different places. Kathy tells us about Keffer whom came every couple of weeks to look after the place. Kathy reveals that the list of chores was the only thing that they had to do. This looks at the clones having no purpose or drive in life. This is a bleak outlook.

Pg 115   Kathy talks about how cold the cottages could become and that Keffer would not bring more gas canisters for the heaters. We continue to get a bleak outlook on their existence. Kathy shows some tried to look at Keffer as a guardian but he was having none of it. Kathy introduces the people from Hailsham that ended up at the cottages that year with her.

Pg 116   Kathy shows that for the first few months they never left the cottages. They force a sort of self imposed isolation on themselves. Here we look at the possibility they students were not prepared for the world outside Hailsham. Kathy describes the day they arrive to the cottages.

Pg 117   The veterans come out to bring them into the house. Kathy remembers the two years in the cottages with fondness.

Pg 118   Kathy thinks that the picture of them huddled together the first day of the cottages showed how fearful of the world they were. Again we see that they were unprepared for life outside Hailsham. Kathy remarks on the inconspicuous nature of the couples. She also looks at how they gestures and mannerism were similar to those of the characters on the shows they watch. Here we look at the idea that having being separated from society the clones could not develop as individuals and look to television shows for help and inspiration. Here they lack a social and moral compass.

Pg 119   Kathy shows how Ruth finally caught on to this and began to change her behaviour. Again we see how the clones lack personal development and must rely on coping others. As clones this is an element of irony. Kathy tells us how they would tap each other on the elbow when leaving and when Ruth tried it to Tommy he struggled at first to understand. Again we have evidence of a struggle to understand the world outside.

Pg 120   Kathy remembers at time when Ruth came to her when she was reading and Ruth’s attempt at pretending she knew everything was annoying her.

Pg 121   Ruth closes the book and asks Ruth why she always hits Tommy on the arm when she is leaving the room. Ruth pretends that she did not realise she wants doing it and Kathy tells her straight out that there is no need to copy anyone. Ruth says it is not a big deal but Kathy suggests Ruth is only doing it because another couple, Chrissie and Rodney, do it.

Pg 122   Ruth reacts badly and tells Kathy she is only jealous because she is not getting enough attention. Kathy shows us that sometimes Ruth leaves Tommy out of her plans with Chrissie and Rodney.

Pg 123   Ruth insults Kathy about some possible sexual relationships she is having and Kathy gets up and leaves.

Chapter Eleven

Pg 124   Kathy explains that the reason she was so bothered by Ruth was because all the Hailsham students were fighting more and confiding in each other more the first few months in the cottages. Kathy shows she was so angry with Ruth because until now they never mentioned anything they confided in each other until Ruth mentioned Kathy and sex.

Pg 125   Kathy explains how sex in the cottages was different from Hailsham. If someone wanted sex they just asked and no one spoke about it. Kathy shows that the sex was normally in a cold room and under blankets and some carpet. Kathy explains that she had a couple of one-nighters after getting to the cottages.

Pg 126   Kathy tells us how she confided in Ruth that the sex had given her funny feelings. Kathy reveals that sometimes she really wants to have sex and cannot explain the feelings. Ruth cannot fully understand this and struggles with advice, even calling it “strange”. This shows a lack of development in social and sexual understanding. Ruth blames the food they are eating.

Pg 127   Kathy goes back to why she was angry with Ruth for using her thoughts in the argument. Kathy remarks that there were two Ruth’s. One she did not like trying to impress the veterans and one she did like, that sat beside her and confided in her.

Pg 128   Kathy goes to when she was caring for Ruth in a recovery room in Dover. They talk about the collections and how when Ruth arrived at the cottages saw that the veterans did not have any and got rid of her own.

Pg 129   Ruth reveals that she asked Keffer to take her stuff to a charity shop and Keffer laughed at how bad the stuff was. Ruth told him it was good stuff and he only agreed when he say she was emotional. This shows that what they did in Hailsham held no importance or significance to the outside world.

Pg 130   Kathy goes back to the cottages and some of the things that she noticed, like the courses the veterans went on but never talked about. Kathy looks at how those who left the cottages were never mentioned. Knowing their future this may have been a type of escapism, not discussing the inevitable. Kathy talks about the porn magazines.

Pg 131   Kathy remembers how people use to look at the magazine and pretend to be disinterested but later the magazine would disappear. She also tells how Keffer disliked the magazines. In one of his rages Keffer collected Magazines but forgot to take them away.

Pg 132   Kathy collected the magazines and went to the boiler room to look at them. Kathy flicks through them but is focused on the girl’s faces.

Pg 133   Kathy gets the feeling that someone is watching her and when she calls Tommy walks in. Tommy asks Kathy what she is looking for.

Pg 134   Tommy continues to ask Kathy what she is looking for and says that he does not feel she is looking at them for kicks as her face looks different when she is looking at them. Kathy gets up in anger and tells Tommy to show them to Ruth.

Pg135    Kathy lets us know that she liked and felt protect because Tommy came into the boiler room after her. She reveals she told Tommy on a trip to Norfolk why she looked at the pictures.

Chapter Twelve

Pg 136   Kathy wants to tell us about Norfolk but decides to tell us about why they went to Norfolk first. This helps the conversational tone. Ruth tells Kathy that Chrissie and Rodney think they found a possible for Ruth in Norfolk. The concept of a possible looks at hope the clones have to find a sense of belonging in their world or a sense of identity.

Pg 137   Kathy tells us that this was a taboo topic no so than sex but people were obsessed with the idea of a possible. Kathy explains the concept of a possible. When she talks about being copied from a normal person, the word “normal” is important. By suggesting they are copied from a normal person she is somehow suggesting she is abnormal. Everyone has a different idea on possible this shows a lack of understanding of their origins and who they themselves maybe.

Pg 138   Kathy explains how Ruth became excited but how Kathy did not really believe Chrissie and Rodney but could not tell Ruth this.

Pg 139   Kathy shows how she did not trust Chrissie and felt unease by her fascination with Hailsham. Kathy talks about the control Chrissie had over Rodney.

Pg 140   Kathy is sceptical because the description of the woman is close to Ruth’s dream future. The idea of a dream future looks at the hope the clones had for a possible life of their own. Kathy looks at how most people in the cottages looked at dream futures. Kathy looks at how for a few months in the cottages they could dream of having a future.

Pg 141   Kathy talks about herself and Ruth heading to the village to buy fuel.

Pg 142   On the walk Ruth stopped when she saw a magazine with a picture of an office and thought it would be a great place to work. It was when Ruth explains her dream future some time later that Kathy remembers it is the office from the picture.

Pg 143   Chrissie thinks of how when Ruth talked about Hailsham Chrissie believed things were possible. Kathy believes this is because Ruth always hinted at things or never denied things. The five of them go to Norfolk. Here again we have hope.

Chapter Thirteen

Pg 144   We learn that before they were due to leave the car they were to borrow could not be used and while Ruth had been joking about going she became visibly upset by this. This shows that she too held some hope of knowing if she had a possible out there.

Pg 145   Kathy talks about the drive.

Pg 146   They get to the town and go for lunch.

Pg 147   Chrissie and Rodney talk about their friend as they eat.

Pg 148   They talk about going to meet their friend Martin and Kathy says they are not allowed to visit carers. At this point Tommy asks Rodney where he saw the possible.

Pg 149   Rodney says the woman might be on a day off. Rodney makes a joke about coming to see Ruth here in the future in her office. Chrissie tells everyone about a girl from Hailsham that was now working in a shop. This is the reason that they have hope of having a future of their own. Chrissie then begins to tell them what Ruth said about a boy from Hailsham.

Pg 150   Tommy asks Ruth who she is talking about and Ruth tells him he already knows. Chrissie brings up that she heard students from Hailsham got deferrals. They believe that you can get the donations put off.

Pg 151   Chrissie explains how she heard about the deferrals and how you could get them. Ruth pretends to have an idea of what she is talking about. Ruth’s desire to be important shows how she desires to have some importance in her life.

Pg 152   Tommy again lets everyone know he does not know what Ruth is talking about.

Pg 153   Ruth tells everyone that Tommy was not a real Hailsham student as he was left out of everything. Kathy is sad at Tommy’s deflated look.

Chapter Fourteen

Pg 154   As they are leaving Chrissie and Rodney decide they want to go and buy some Christmas cards. This shocks everyone as they seem to be avoiding the reason they came to Norfolk.

Pg 155   In the shop Kathy sees Ruth and Chrissie having an argument about the deferrals. Ruth tells Chrissie more lies.

Pg 156   They walk around the town and it is some time before Rodney finds the place they are looking for. Rodney is told to point out the possible and he does.

Pg 157   They move away when other people spot them and discuss that she may actually be a possible.

Pg 158   They sit on a wall before they head back to the office.

Pg 159   They see the woman and follow her into an art studio.

Pg 160   They look at some paintings.

Pg 161   The woman leaves the shop and Tommy talks to the shop owner about the paintings.

Pg 162   They leave and all agree that the lady was not Ruth’s possible. Ruth is upset.

Pg 163   Kathy and Tommy agree that it is only a bit of fun and that it does not matter who the possible might be.

Pg 164   Ruth begins to tell them that they are modelled on trash.

Pg 165   Chrissie and Rodney decide to go and see Martin. Ruth goes with them and Kathy and Tommy stay in the town.

Chapter Fifteen

Pg 166   Tommy and Kathy are in town and Tommy tells Kathy to forget about Ruth as she is only letting off steam because she is upset. Tommy tells Kathy he wants her to help him look for something for Kathy herself.

Pg 167   Tommy tells Kathy he has been trying to find the tape she lost in Hailsham. He tells her that Ruth asked everyone to look for it and that he tried really hard himself but could not find it. Kathy is touched that Tommy cared and remembered. Tommy reveals that when he was younger he thought that at some point he would go to Norfolk and find it for her.

Pg 168   They decide that they will look around town to find the tape. Tommy reveals his innocence by suggesting he might believe that Norfolk really is a place where lost things go. He says he does not really believe it but we can see he has some innocent hope.

Pg 169   They find the tape but Kathy reveals that there was more fun in the searching like kids again.

Pg 170   Kathy admits that when she found it she pretended nothing for fear of ending the fun. When she finds it Tommy asks her if is the actual one she lost. Again we have the innocence of Tommy here. Tommy is disappointed because he was not the one to find it.

Pg 171   Tommy buys the tape for Kathy. When they leave the shop Tommy finds that Kathy is very distant.

Pg 172   Tommy reveals he is thinking about the deferrals. He understands that they were not spoken of in Hailsham but thinks that Madame’s gallery might have been used for this.

Pg 173   Tommy reveals that Miss Emily told one boy that the poetry and paintings “revealed what you were like inside”. Tommy believes that what they put in the gallery might help show what they were like and help them receive deferrals.

Pg 174   Tommy feels that if he is right then he has blown his chance as he stopped trying when he was in Hailsham. He believes that Miss Lucy told him to start on his art again because she was wrong to tell him it did not matter.

Pg 175   Tommy reveals to Kathy that Ruth believes it all.

Pg 176   Kathy tells Tommy that Ruth will be furious with him because he has no art and will not be able to get a deferral if they can happen. Tommy says he knows but has been secretly working on some art.

Pg 177   Kathy fears that Tommy will make a mistake if he tells people about his imaginary animals and they will laugh at him. Tommy reveals that he believes to get a deferral he will have to find Madame.

Pg 178   As they wait for the others at the car Tommy tells Kathy he knows why she looks at the faces in the porn magazines; she is looking for her possible. Tommy asks her why she is looking there for her possible. This upsets Kathy but Tommy gives her a hug and she feels better for him having done so.

Pg 179   Kathy reveals to Tommy that because of her sexual urges that her possible would be found in a porn magazine and that would explain it to her. Innocence.

Pg 180   The others return.

Pg 181   Ruth is nice to Kathy and Tommy realising she was nasty earlier.

Chapter Sixteen

Pg 182   Kathy tells us that when they returned to the cottages they never talked about their trip to Norfolk. Kathy never told Ruth about the tape but knew she would find out at some stage. Kathy reveals that when she did find out it was a bad time for her to find out.

Pg 183   Kathy reveals that soon a lot of people began to leave the cottages and the atmosphere began to change. Kathy is out for a walk when Tommy calls her.

Pg 184   Tommy is not wearing his wellies and reveals that he has been drawing and tells Kathy he will show her them. Tommy shows her the drawings that she struggles to recognise at first. He tells her he showed Ruth too.

Pg 185   Kathy struggles to give Tommy a complement and instead says she wonders what Madame would say. Tommy says he needs more practice before he shows Madame any.

Pg 186   It is a year after they first arrived and new students come. There are no Hailsham students with them.

Pg 187   Kathy and Ruth have an argument because Ruth keeps pretending to have forgotten things from Hailsham.

Pg 188   Kathy goes back several weeks to tell us why she was annoyed with Ruth. She talks about a boy she was having sex with that left the cottage. She says Ruth was very good to her. They are laughing together when Ruth asks Kathy when she found her tape again. Kathy believes Ruth knew about it before but was waiting for the right time to bring it up.

Pg 189   Ruth reacts okay to the tape and then they begin discussing Tommy, sex and his animal pictures.

Pg 190   A few days after the tape incident they walk up to an old building. Kathy hints that she was not prepared for what was going to happen

Pg 191   Kathy interrupts when Tommy is telling Ruth about his theory on the deferrals. Ruth tells Tommy he is making a fool of himself. She says it is okay to her but not to others.

Pg 192   Ruth tells Tommy that Kathy also thinks his animals are a “hoot”. Ruth tells Tommy it is okay as long as he lets people think he is drawing the animals as a joke.  Kathy regrets not saying anything to Tommy to try and show Ruth was twisting her words.

Pg 193   Kathy turns and leaves when she sees how angry and upset Tommy is. Kathy leaves before one of them does as she does not want to be left alone with either of them.

Chapter Seventeen

Pg 194   Kathy reveals that after that episode they grew further apart.

Pg 195   Kathy and the others try to pretend nothing happened. Kathy goes back to why she was annoyed with Ruth on page 187.

Pg 196   Kathy tells Ruth that they need to talk about the incident with Tommy and the animals and how upset he is. Ruth agrees and says she has been thinking about it for a while too.

Pg 197   Ruth tells Kathy that she knows herself and Tommy might not last but that Kathy should not get her hopes up because Tommy does not think of her like that.

Pg 198   They talk about Tommy getting in trouble for going out of bounds. Ruth pretends she does not know why he would have gotten into trouble.

Pg 199   After this talk Kathy tells Keffer she wants to begin her training as a carer. Kathy kept a distance from Ruth and Tommy.


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